Shiplap Anyone?


Shiplap, Chip and Joanna have made it a household word throughout the decorating world.  Some love it some don’t. This is my shiplap story.

Last spring I planned to strip wallpaper off some walls and paint.  A time consuming but doable simple job. Ha!  It was NOT!  I started and I found more wallpaper under with a canvas under it.  Removing the wallpaper meant the sheetrock was coming down too.  Don’t you love the basketball uniforms?  Mid to late 60’s attire?


New sheetrock was not my plan! So, I investigated a ton of possibilities, including  wood planking and shiplap.  The problem with the planking and shiplap was it messed up all the trim, the outlets, etc.  So back to the drawing board.  This is what I decided to do.


I cut pieces of heavy craft paper into 6″ strips and then glued them to the walls. Working my way around the room.


Next came the white washing. I didn’t want to cover it all as I was going after a shiplap look.  All of the walls were then dry brushed with paint, being careful not to paint over the joint.  I was loving it!


I added a little more definition to the joints with a shading pencil and believe it or not a crayon! Small nails with tack heads were added randomly to really make it look real. This was another project that took a different turn after starting it but, with a little determination and work it became a room that I really love.


The joy of seeing potential,redoing and repurposing still make my heart sing!







The Cinderella Door


Our home has seen a ton of renovations since moving in.  I still had this closet door (below)in a guest bedroom. Pretty ugly all the time, before and after midnight. So after a lot of thought, I came up with a way to use them and still have them be way more functional and pretty!


I began by taking them down and we added wood between and on top of the two doors to make them large enough for the closet. After that the fun began for me!  I added embossed wallpaper to the top third of the door.


The wallpaper was dry brushed to give it more depth.


The bottom of the door was painted white and then dry brushed also.  The next step had some people scratching their heads and some wondered if I had lost my mind.  But, I tore apart a hollow door we were no longer using.  The front and back were ripped into 4″ strips.  Then  the strips were sanded and stained (I used the inside part).  They were placed down the middle, on the sides, across top and bottom and then the bottom 2/3rd  was divided also. I used wood glue and small nails to attach the strips to the frame.


The strips were dressed up by adding upholstery tacks in varies places.  Of course it needed a little more function and jewelry by way of handles.


We added barn door hardware and a decorative piece of wood to complete the project.  A great transformation on  these closet doors! The guest room is now complete.



It’s Show Time!

030Next weekend will be the 2nd Schoolhouse Market!  Last spring several other’s  and myself decided to have a show, market if you will in a vintage schoolhouse in Saffordville KS.  It was a test of sorts to see how it would be received.  We had doubters, we had encouragers, and we had sleepless nights.  It was fantastic!  The support of the vendors and enthusiastic shoppers  was amazing! “Thank you to everyone who was involved to make it such a success”

So, we are doing it again! We have returning vendors and new vendors.  We will have a new feature this time, a project room (items just waiting for your personal touch) especially for the DIYer’s out there. There will be some pretty awesome pieces in there.

One of the  new vendor’s will be showcasing her beautiful hand painted cards and glass!

Grove Gardens will have  Pumpkins and Mums! 354  And there will be vendors with lots of Vintage, Rustic, and repurposed items!

357 358 206 004 353 So stop by the vintage schoolhouse for a recess! You will be glad you did. Hope to see you Friday, September 16th or Saturday the 17th!


Don’t Judge a Wall by it’s Cover!

Never ever judge a book, a wall or anything by it’s cover!

After Schoolhouse Market Days were over I had a plan to finish the last bedroom upstairs.  It was a simple 2-3 day job.  Remove the birds and give it a quick coat or 2 of paint so our flooring could be laid.  We removed the flooring before we moved in and until now it wasn’t a priority. But after almost 4 years, it’s time .

So I began. However the redecorating was halted because this


turned into this


Stripping paper is never easy, but this was too much.  It was very thick and had a type of canvas on the back.  Removing it led to the sheetrock paper and some sheetrock being removed.  So, what to do.  I was ready to do a wood clad wall, until I realized that meant a new set of problems like door jambs and trim needing to be changed.  Not to mention the outlets would need moved out also. Or, we could remove all the sheetrock and put in new.  All of these would be time consuming so plan E or F was born.  Can you guess what it is?

I’d show you more but, the walls are calling!

Sing Loudly!


“Let your heart sing” wherever you are.  Not only at this moment but, throughout your life.  Life is short, to really live, I feel your heart must be singing.  And as my dad would say, “If you can’t sing well, sing loud!” He has been gone from this world for over a decade, but I can still hear him as I go about my days.  So, I’m singing loud these days.


While there are lots of things to do this morning to prepare for a fun filled show weekend, my message this morning was to share with you.  Share that I was scared to start this business, scared to not start, and yet always believing with all my heart that God’s message was pretty simple, “Do the furniture.”


I wondered if I could possibly help others, was I good enough, would others appreciate what I did, and would I feel good about it.  I don’t ask those questions often anymore.  I just am doing what my heart tells me to do.  If my heart isn’t singing, then maybe I need to change what I’m doing.

This business has blessed me in so many ways.  The most joy has come from meeting the most awesome people!  Then secondly it’s taking that piece and refreshing and restoring it to a new life.  Now that really excites me!


So let me leave you with this thought.  I am singing loudly, and I hope you are too!

The Journey

IMG_4104 It’s a wonderful wild week around here!  One of my dreams was to have a show someday…………..that day is being realized this Friday and Saturday!!  I still can’t believe we are doing it!   We are invading a little spot in the Kansas Flint Hills, ” Hello Saffordville!”


But the “Heart is Singing” as the focus is on pulling it all together.  My friend who is working with me has taught me so much.  When I get frazzled, and I do!  She reminds me, ” It’ll be alright”.  Always the voice of calm, God brought her into my wonderful crazy world!  Another thing to be grateful for today. IMG_4182

Earlier this week while thanking some people for joining this journey, the mind and the body quite for just a moment to look back.  This little business started with hopes and dreams, lots of love and encouragement along the way.  Thank you to all who have provided so much, so I was able to listen to the message and just do it.  For those of you who may not have heard the message, I’ve included it below.

The Beginning


As a child I would spend hours rearranging my mom’s home and  decorating it with whatever was available. Looking back it is so easy to see that my surroundings have always affected my feelings and mood.  I like to make things pretty! I like to give new life to old items! Truth is, I’m thrilled to find a great piece at a great price.

I’ve had several careers in my life, but they have all revolved around some type of creativity. I was a cosmetologist in central Kansas for 28 years and loved every minute of it.  There was for me, satisfaction of a job well done and more importantly helping others to feel good about themselves.  All the while I was doing this, I painted, papered, and decorated not only our home but those of friends and family.

About 12 years ago my husband and I moved to southwestern Kansas in the heart of the high plains.  I continued to decorated and remodel our home and helped others along the way.  About a year ago, there was a change taking place in my life, I was working part time and continued to ask,”What am I suppose to do with my life, God?”  While driving down the street one day, the answer was very loud and clear, “Do the furniture!” And as usual, my response was something like,”How do I market anything living in sw Kansas?” The answer I recieved was very loud and clear, “You need a product before you need a marketing plan!”  So, I began that day to purchasing and refresh furniture and home decor. After so many years of wondering, it was suddenly so clear, I LOVED what I WAS DOING.

All of this was happening in the spring of 2011.  I kept thinking about what a transformation accured on the prairie when it rained.  Parched brown grass would suddenly green up and thousands of beautiful vibrant wild flowers would appear. The prairie was clean, fresh and alive. That is how I viewed what I was doing to furniture and home decor!  I was refreshing it, bringing it back to life, and repurposing it.  And that is how “Prairie Rain Designs”, was born.

Thank you for allowing me to remember, “The Beginning” this week.  Five years later the show is on!  Hope to see you Friday. April 1st or April 2nd for Schoolhouse Market Days!











How Bright is Your World?

1047 I’m a procrastinator.  There I admitted it.

Some of that is probably due to ADWD (Attention Deficit Work Disorder).  That’s my personal diagnosis.  I can sometimes work all day and wonder at the end of the day what have I completed.  I am often sidetracked and start on something different….because you know the paint needs to dry etc.

However, the last few weeks have been super productive.  A deadline is nearing for two large fall shows and a grandbaby is due soon. All of that has driven me to focus and do, instead of think about doing. I’ve also prayed each morning for guidance on what I need to do that day and typically if I listen there is a response. I’ve learned I must have my heart and ears open to listening. And the creativity has increased.

988742_10151624772911176_356582766_n[1] So if you are looking for me, check the shop.  You’ll find me there being happy, joyful and creating instead of thinking about it…at least for the next few weeks. The world is pretty bright these days.

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. -Shakti Gawain

Wow, Look at Those Legs!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my shop stripping, gluing, sanding, painting and creating in preparation for the Kansas Barn Sale.  All of that alone time has gotten me thinking of all the great legs I’ve worked on.


If I had to pick a favorite it might be the ones on the table above.  Or maybe these curvy legs on this side table.


But, I love these shapely red legs!


I can’t forget to mention these very sturdy legs.

021 A curvy 3 legged table is charming.


An antique treadle machine base became legs for this table.


An odd dining table leg was repurposed to construct this console table. 645

This 5 legged kitchen table reminds me of days gone by.


The legs for this coffee table came from 2 discarded stools.


So many different legs so many different styles.  I can’t pick a favorite, they all are special in their own way.  I see beauty in all of them.  You and I are much the same we are all very different and all  beautiful.  We are here for a different purpose. Take a moment to enjoy the differences and appreciate one another.

Crazy Pieces, Putting It Together

My personal favorite quilt of all time is the crazy quilt. There are many different kinds with many types of fabrics and many different stiches.  I happen to love all of them.  Each one tells it’s own story and sometimes a family history is woven into the quilt. It has been put together with love and often scraps of fabric left over from some other sewing project or the pieces of a dress or suit that was no longer in service.


This particular section has 3 different stiches and very different fabrics, but they all work together.  I think of those who put these pieces together many years ago, they were not wasteful and found a way to reuse and create beauty for their homes.  I don’t do creative stiches, I don’t quilt but it makes my heart sing to reuse, repurpose, and make a worn out piece of furniture attractive and useable again.



Whether you are redecorating or putting your first home together, a lot can be learned from a crazy quilt.  Choose a color or a pattern you love and then build on it.  Add different textures, shapes, fabric and tie it all together.  Use some older items from your home that maybe have been setting in your garage or basement and see if there is some way to renew them. How about giving that old piece a fresh coat of paint. Have that old chair reupholstered in a new fabric. Move furniture from one room to another.  If you haven’t done that you will be amazed at how different a dresser may look in your entry or as a console table.  Most of all don’t be afraid to try.

026 Just like bringing all these pieces together to form a quilt, you can bring together different pieces to your home to make it your masterpiece.

Chevron and a Chicken Feeder

670 A vintage chair with a modern chevron fabric on it, an antique pulley, a pallet board sign, my mother’s red riding horse, a chicken feeder, branches with a stoneware jug, and a table that has been redone. What do these things possibly have in common?  They all work together to make a great vignette.


Looking for the unexpected is often what makes for a great focal point.  I like to mix up old with newer pieces to create my look.  You may wonder what yours is.  Start by looking at magazines or Pintrest and cutting or pinning what you like.  Don’t think about it, follow your heart.  After awhile you will see a definite pattern of what you like. Only you know what makes your heart go pitter patter. Those things will tell your family story and make it a special place called “Home”.