Celebrating and Building

   Thank you all for all the well wishes on becoming a vendor here in Council Grove, KS.  You are all so encouraging, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. So, I have to celebrate and share, I sold a piece of furniture, yesterday afternoon!  Excited, yes! Scared, yes! Celebrating, yes! Ready to build today, yes!

Many of the items I work on are refinished, restored, revamped, painted, taken apart and a new item is made, or it maybe repurposed into whatever makes my heart sing that day.

Celebrate family, friends and traditions is painted on part of an old dining table.  Old doors become beds, and shelves and other cool things.

Today, with Ken’s help we’ll be building another great piece with a door that I’ve spent days stripping. I hope to show it to you next week. 

Have a great Labor Day weekend, be safe, and don’t labor through all of it. Celebrate family, friends, and traditions!

It’s Happening!

Prairie Rain has been a dream of mine for almost as long as I can remember.  And now it’s really real.  It didn’t happen the way I thought it would, when it would, or where I thought it would.   But today I loaded up the SUV and  put merchandise in a local antique and collectibles store, ReRun’s, 108 East Main  in Council Grove, KS. We are right next door to the historic Hays House Restaurant.  A great place to shop and eat!

I’ve done shows and had a few pieces out before but I’ve never had a booth in a store. I’m excited and I’m scared.  Excited to finally be able to market my items in a real store every day.  Excited to be a part of the historical town of Council Grove. Excited to be in a store with other vendors. I’m scared of failure, scared of success, just plain scared! It has taken a lot for me to finally put myself out there.  But my super supportive family, friends, and God have given me the push I needed.  

I’m also excited  to share with you the sign I was inspired to make several weeks ago, when I was so grateful that I listened to my heart and didn’t take the easy route, I was given a detour for a purpose and now my heart truly is singing! Thanks Be to God!

Let Your Heart Sing…

Detours and Journeys

Have you ever been on a journey and not ended up where you thought you would?  The year 2012 has provided a lot of detours for Prairie Rain and for me personally.  Just when I thought it was figured out, it wasn’t.

This month, for the first time since January of 2012, all of our belongings are out of storage from several locations and we are settling into our new home.  I said settling not settled!  We have boxes everywhere, some still unpacked.  There will be remodeling done on this home and we don’t want to unpack everything only to pack it back up yet again.  But we and our possesions are  in the same location. Yeah!

During this unsettled time my business was also in storage and I was lost in the detour. I haven’t liked a lot of things on the detour, but my heart just kept telling me, “God, has a great plan for you, you just don’t have all the details yet.”  That has kept me going many days. I even made a sign about it this week.  I’ll show it to you later along with some other new creations!

Through all the detours one thing has been very clear, God has blessed me with the most wonderful and supportive family and friends.   So, to my family and friends,”Thanks for all the love and support you have given me.” 

To answer the question, “Where will Prairie Rain Designs will showcase their decor?”  I’m working on it, but it hasn’t been completely revealed to me yet!  I did a small show last weekend, and I think by Labor Day weekend, I will have things out where you can buy them.  I’ll let you know tomorrow. And now I’m out to the shop to build.  




What makes your heart sing?

 Yesterday I shared with you a little about what makes my heart sing.  There are other things that make it sing too, like all the wonderful comments made about my post.  Thank you for the warm encouraging words!  They are all really appreciated.

One comment left in my Project Gallery  touched me very much. My story was an inspiration to her. Wow, that really both suprised me and captured my attention. I feel honored to be her inspiration, and pray that I will continue to inspire others to create and let their hearts sing. It got me to thinking, how often do we pass through life and never know how much we touch other people? Sometimes I forget.

So what else makes my heart sing?  When I can help others  and inspire them to be the best version of themselves, my heart roars!   John Mason said,”You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”  Smart words to live by, I think. Somedays I do this well and other days I try to sing someone else’s song and on those days I don’t find my heart singing much.  Do me a favor today, listen and let your heart sing.

I’ll be singing in the shop and creating some wonderful designs to show you soon!

A singing heart

It’s been a while, but yesterday my heart was singing. In fact, it was singing loudly!

About a year ago I recieved a call offering me a great full time job with wonderful benefits and while most would have been thrilled to recieve the call, I was in tears. In such a panic I called a friend  to discuss what I should do.  I was so torn between what I should do and what I wanted to do.  She in her wonderful wisdom told me to listen to my heart.  Thank you, my dear friend!

That day was an eye opener for me.  And even though there have been many obstacles the past year, yesterday while I was in the new shop creating, refreshing, and restoring furniture, I found my heart was singing!  The joy of discovering a beautiful piece of wood after removing layers and layers of dirt,varnish and stain unbelievable!

Thank you, my friend, for encouraging me to do what makes me happy and my heart sing. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, instead we get what we need.  Thank you, God!

I think it’s time to go to the shop and sing some more today.  I have so much fun there.  Let the creative juices keep flowing.