Another Special Day!

Last May our 1st granddaughter, Norie, was born, last Tuesday at 6:10 am our 1st grandson, Bryce, was born! What a special year!  We are thrilled for  our daughters and their spouses to become parents.  I have loved watching our girls become mothers.  For me that has been the very best! I’m so proud of them.  They are awesome mothers!

On the day Bryce was born, Crystal introduced him to Aunt Amber and Cousin Norie!  I think those cousins are going to be pretty close, just like their mommas, Norie was giving him quite a talking to that first day.  

While Amber was still in high school and Crystal in college we took a family trip to CA. We walked the beach, sang with the radio, enjoyed seafood, and each other. We went to the zoo in San Diego and we all learned a very valuable lesson that day.  Let me explain, while we were enjoying the zoo, a little boy came running up close to us and was looking at the animal, soon his father was by his side grabbing him by the arm and rushing off with him saying,  “We don’t have time to look at the animals!” We were all amused and saddened.  Why go to the zoo if you can’t look at the animals? We really felt sorry for the little boy. 

We all share that memory and we all learned from it. Our lesson, was simply, BE.  BE wherever you are right at this moment, you will never have it again.  Smell the roses, smell the bad stuff, look at the ANIMALS! Even the bad stuff plays an important part in who we are or who we choose to become. 

So right now I am BEing with my new grandson and his mom and dad.  I am enjoying the wonders of being a new grandma and want to expierence ALL the joys and moments.  And just in case you wondered, yes, Bryce makes my heart sing, just as Norie does! Watching Ken (my husband) as he cuddles the babies makes my heart sing too. He LOVES being a grandpa.

So, there isn’t a lot of renewing of furniture right now, it can wait, the babies won’t! But in between the cuddling, I’m dreaming up new ideas and recreating in my mind.  And I’ve found a few pieces here in CO to redo. I’m looking forward to taking some pics and showing you all the new stuff!!

Remember to BE!