There’s No Kitchen Fairy

A few weeks ago, a friend from Meade came to visit.  It was great, we laughed, we shared, we junked, and we just enjoyed each others company.  It was great.  After she left, I begain looking around and knew I wanted to get the kitchen remodel going again. 

Last December, when I realized that we would never get the kitchen done for Christmas, I quit! In fact, it hasn’t been touched since that day.  Having her here reminded me that I love to share our home with other people and I’ve been missing that. So this past week I’ve been finishing up a few work projects and then tackling the kitchen, cause there isn’t a kitchen fairy!

There has been some progress: 0917120958a

To this:

Kitchen 007


To there are ceilings and walls, windows installed,  lots of lights added, painting done, a few cabinets hung, and it looks so much better!  045 Yes, we are progressing!  It’s just slow, but the pictures remind me that we have in fact come a long way! I’ve taken lots of pictures along the way and I’m anxious to keep you posted on the progress.  I guess there is a kitchen fairy, it’s me!

Lola, Ginny, Ginger, and Holly

I’m so humbled and honored by all the new likes I have gotten on FB this past month. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you!  

I shared with you in an earlier post, The Beginning how Prairie Rain Designs became a business. That conversation is one I’ll never forget and one I am so glad that I really listened to what I was told to do, and acted on that message. I love transforming furniture and home decor’. 024

  “This is the glory of faith not to know where you are going, and to follow the bare voice of God…”-Martin Luther

Several people have commented that they like that I have started to name some  of the pieces I work on.   Some of them just take on so much personality that I have to name them.  Lola is a showgirl, a beautiful green desk.


Ginny was so glad to have a new top and meet Lola.


Ginger is a little more distressed.


And Holly is just bold  enough to make a statement and yet charming at the same time!


There will be a Faith introduced soon, she isn’t started yet, but I know she is waiting.

I’ll keep moving forward and listening even when I don’t know where I’m being led. How about you, are you listening?