Cabinets, Moldings, and Nose Wiggling

It’s been a long slow process….the kitchen!  Some days I don’t even notice the undoneness (I’m sure that isn’t a word).  But today, if I could wiggle my nose and have  cabinets that were done, a back splash, countertops and appliances, I would wiggle it all day long! 0917120958

We enlarged the kitchen to include an awkward area off the side of the kitchen, so more cabinetry is a must. Some of the cabinets from the  kitchen are being reused and then we are filling in the rest. Sounds like a puzzle, right?  It has been. Since I knew I was going to refinish all the cabinets, I was able to purchase them at various places very inexpensively. I tell you more about the finish later.    045

It’s hard to buy cabinets in a set to fit a space unless you do what I did and buy the individual pieces to fit the space you have.  I lucked out and found new face pieces for all the bottom cabinets at the  ReStore for a very reasonalble price. I had no idea these fronts could be purchased alone.  012 This allowed me to use the old boxes and just put the new identical face (which is the only part you see) on all the fronts, old and new. The bases are all still a work in process. 

The uppers have come together very well. I used 36″ uppers and will  have some open shelving, which I love the look of.  Still searching for corbels or brackets that I love for that.  In the mean time there is a plate rack or two to construct in this cabinet above the dishwasher. I used bead board inside the cabinet since it will be open to give it a little more punch. That is going to be handy, when unloading the dishwasher! All the cabinets will be painted and then glazed. 

All the uppers will be finished off with this molding.  It is made from several pieces of baseboard, a chair rail and some other wood. I love how it turned out!  It really finishes off a space that otherwise would be awkward. 005

And here is the back splash. 003

 Enough for today, I’ll keep you posted on the progress!!  Here’s to a little nose wiggling today!

Betty, Liz or ???

Hello, I’ve missed you! It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten together. I could give you a million reasons why I haven’t been around.  But I’d rather tell you about what I was up to yesterday.

 Yesterday I finished  a table, started painting an armoire and built this shutter shelf. 163

Where would you use this shelf? The kitchen?  157   The bath?


Or in an entry way? 143

It’s a versaitile  piece that can be used wherever you have the space and the need for a little extra storage. Maybe, for you it’s going to be used in the kitchen, so it’s Betty.  For the bath how about, Liz? And if it’s for the rest of the home, let me know your ideas for  a name.