Sideboards Bring Memories

Some of you may know that my dad was a farmer.  He had a dairy and also farmed crop land. My work the past few days and the wheat harvest in Kansas has really had him on my mind.  I miss you Dad!


You see, I’ve been making a coffee table from the sideboards of an old farm truck.  When My daughter, Amber and I were out junking one day, we found it amongst some old doors etc.  For those of you who don’t know what sideboards are, they were added to pickups to carry a larger load than the regular sides of a pickup would.


During wheat harvest my dad would add  the sideboards so the pickup could haul   larger loads of wheat. This was always a busy, fun, stressful and tiring time of year.  Farmers always want rain but not during harvest! The storm threats of wind and hail would get my dad and every farmer to  pace.  Wondering if in fact they would get the wheat out of the field before it was destroyed.


So, while I’ve been sawing, sanding, drilling, and painting on these sideboards, I have thought a lot about my dad and how much I miss him.  He was almost always smiling, had a great sense of humor, was jolly, loved people, could talk to anyone, absolutely LOVED Christmas, had a sweet tooth, and a very strong faith.  He thought our daughters were wonderful, and they are.  All in all my dad just loved life and lived every day fully. 012

Thanks dad for that example!  I see some of him in my own children and now in their children.  I guess that is just part of it, the passing down of traits.

I’m so glad these sideboards came into my shop and I was able to see that they too could have new life.  That hopefully someone will enjoy the history they represent.  That while they no longer are hauling wheat they might bring the family together in another way.  I can just imagine family and friends gathered around with refreshments on the table and the conversation flowing.  Stories being passed down from one generation to another, laughter, and while your at it have something a little sweet for my dad, please.