Up, up and away!

It’s been awhile, in fact it’s been almost a full month, since I’ve posted. Oh, the danger of getting lost in the restoring of  junk.  And the tired body of house painting!

There are no excuses!  I’ve missed posting. So today I’m just going to bring you up to speed on what’s been happening around here.

I’ve been painting our home. Going up and down scaffolding is tiring especially when you are terrified to begin with.  The guys who put it up can’t understand my fears.  It’s very safe they say, what seems to be the problem?  Safe?  How can being up in the air over a sunroom on this 2 foot wide structure be safe? But, I did it!  Only 2 more sides to go with the scaffolding.  This is an accomplishment, applause here is required.

Upper house

Back of House

But, the biggest deadline that has been zapping my time has been getting ready for this weekend.  Last March I applied to be in a juried show, Vintage Treasure Market.  I was  accepted and July seemed so far away and I was keeping my booth filled at the store, and I procrastinated about getting things ready!  I work so good under pressure!

So, I’ve been painting, building,  restoring, repurposing, and enjoying every tired moment!  The push is on, I promised myself I wouldn’t start any new projects till I got the ones that are started finished.  We’ll see how that goes! I’m sure it won’t last.  My brain comes up with things much faster than I can complete them.

There will be a little bit of everything at the market.  I’ve built things. (I wanted to get a bed built similar to this one… 295147_477186235642865_2005791698_n[1] but, that will not be completed for this show!  It will be finished and put  in the store!  I love how this bed made from about 90% reclaimed wood.  And yes, I was green long before it was the thing to be. So, it’s back to the shop, lots of things to finish up….so I can start something new!

In the mean time enjoy every day you are blessed with. My wish is that you are living your life in a way only you can.  Use those precious gifts you are blessed with to the best of your ability.  If you don’t know what your passion is………..FIND it.  Living someone else’s life and not your own will never allow you to, “Let Your Heart Sing….”


Let Your Heart Sing...

Let Your Heart Sing…