It’s the Little Things

Last week while on the road traveling to do some picking I was rewarded with a great surprise.  No, I didn’t get the most amazing junk to redo, it was even BETTER! How can that be possible?  Let me explain.


I’ve been doing a few shows this summer along with keeping my booth in the store full and even though the garage is FULL or over FULL by some standards, I needed to go look for or at something different last week to get inspired.  So a road trip was in order. Traveling alone leaves one a lot of time to think. My thoughts were not the best that  day…………………..I was a little peeved with someone.  And I was trying to put myself in their shoes, so could understand  better.  It really wasn’t working!


And then, I stopped at the toll plaza to pay my fee.  Got out my change and the lovely attendant said, ” Your fee is $1.75, but you don’t owe it.”  What?  “The lady in front of you left her change for the next person who came through, and it’s you!” Suddenly, my attitude changed greatly!  Life was good, the problem I was dealing with went away and I must have been grinning from ear to ear.  It wasn’t the $1.75, it was the kindness, the unexpected lift I needed that day.  Thank you dear lady, whoever you are!

If reminded me of a  song by Clay Walker – The Chain of Love. Which includes the lyrics,” Don’t let the chain of love end with you.”  So, I left money for the next car going through the toll plaza.  I hope it brightened their day and  maybe, they passed it on too.

Maybe it is the little things after all.