Pallet Wood and Christmas Ties

The days of 2014 are ticking away fast. Before any more pass I want to share with you 2 gifts I received this past Christmas. Each of my daughters made a gift for me!  They warm my heart for many reasons.012


The first one was made by Crystal, to honor my dad with fond memories of his jolly spirit and love of Christmas.  It  reminds me of the many values instilled as we were growing up. They included all the things she mentioned: Love, Faith, Family, Joy, Beauty, Hope, Peace, Fun, Friendship, Music, Traditions, and Memories. Included is a picture of my parents with my girls in the Family square!  Were they ever really that little?  Yep!  My dad is pictured with Joy!  Love his smile and ornery grin!  Yours truly is the little girl with the doll stroller and baby doll with Memories. And no one ever had more fun playing cards than my dad! 013 She used his Christmas ties and parts of his other clothes to make the wall hanging. His suspenders top it off and become the way to hang it up!   It also, is a good reminder of the kind of grandparent I want to be for our grandchildren.  I want them to remember me as being so many of the same things my girls remember about their grandpa.

Be the good!  Oh yes, I want to believe in the good in the world and also be the good!  Can’t wait to hang it up when our renovations are complete!! Love the message, it’s a great reminder, of how I want to live and be remembered also. Everything about this sign is  me!  Amber, knew I would love the pallet wood, (reclaimed wood, yes!) the saw cuts on it (my hubby cut them apart,) the warmth of the wood, the paint she chose, EVERYTHING! Let’s keep those renovations going so I can hang it!


Thank you my daughters, I LOVE each gift, and I LOVE each of you!









The Crafting Weekend

We did it!  Last weekend 14 women spent 2 days in an awesome craft house and crafted, reunited with old friends, made new friends, laughed, ate, junked, and were inspired by each other!  What a great way to start the new year.

This is what we saw when we first entered the house. 068 Now doesn’t that make you happy?  We are AWESOME, each and everyone of us.  But, this was a good reminder, just in case we forgot.

Everyone, brought their own crafts to work on.  There was quite a variety!  Who knew crayons could be melted in a glue gun?  Not me.

074   Word art was created.030

Globes and maps were enhanced.
075 072 Blankets, aprons, and super hero capes were made!


What a FUN way to spend the weekend!  Thanks ladies!! IMG_8938[1]