Chevron and a Chicken Feeder

670 A vintage chair with a modern chevron fabric on it, an antique pulley, a pallet board sign, my mother’s red riding horse, a chicken feeder, branches with a stoneware jug, and a table that has been redone. What do these things possibly have in common?  They all work together to make a great vignette.


Looking for the unexpected is often what makes for a great focal point.  I like to mix up old with newer pieces to create my look.  You may wonder what yours is.  Start by looking at magazines or Pintrest and cutting or pinning what you like.  Don’t think about it, follow your heart.  After awhile you will see a definite pattern of what you like. Only you know what makes your heart go pitter patter. Those things will tell your family story and make it a special place called “Home”.