How Bright is Your World?

1047 I’m a procrastinator.  There I admitted it.

Some of that is probably due to ADWD (Attention Deficit Work Disorder).  That’s my personal diagnosis.  I can sometimes work all day and wonder at the end of the day what have I completed.  I am often sidetracked and start on something different….because you know the paint needs to dry etc.

However, the last few weeks have been super productive.  A deadline is nearing for two large fall shows and a grandbaby is due soon. All of that has driven me to focus and do, instead of think about doing. I’ve also prayed each morning for guidance on what I need to do that day and typically if I listen there is a response. I’ve learned I must have my heart and ears open to listening. And the creativity has increased.

988742_10151624772911176_356582766_n[1] So if you are looking for me, check the shop.  You’ll find me there being happy, joyful and creating instead of thinking about it…at least for the next few weeks. The world is pretty bright these days.

The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. -Shakti Gawain

Wow, Look at Those Legs!

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my shop stripping, gluing, sanding, painting and creating in preparation for the Kansas Barn Sale.  All of that alone time has gotten me thinking of all the great legs I’ve worked on.


If I had to pick a favorite it might be the ones on the table above.  Or maybe these curvy legs on this side table.


But, I love these shapely red legs!


I can’t forget to mention these very sturdy legs.

021 A curvy 3 legged table is charming.


An antique treadle machine base became legs for this table.


An odd dining table leg was repurposed to construct this console table. 645

This 5 legged kitchen table reminds me of days gone by.


The legs for this coffee table came from 2 discarded stools.


So many different legs so many different styles.  I can’t pick a favorite, they all are special in their own way.  I see beauty in all of them.  You and I are much the same we are all very different and all  beautiful.  We are here for a different purpose. Take a moment to enjoy the differences and appreciate one another.

Crazy Pieces, Putting It Together

My personal favorite quilt of all time is the crazy quilt. There are many different kinds with many types of fabrics and many different stiches.  I happen to love all of them.  Each one tells it’s own story and sometimes a family history is woven into the quilt. It has been put together with love and often scraps of fabric left over from some other sewing project or the pieces of a dress or suit that was no longer in service.


This particular section has 3 different stiches and very different fabrics, but they all work together.  I think of those who put these pieces together many years ago, they were not wasteful and found a way to reuse and create beauty for their homes.  I don’t do creative stiches, I don’t quilt but it makes my heart sing to reuse, repurpose, and make a worn out piece of furniture attractive and useable again.



Whether you are redecorating or putting your first home together, a lot can be learned from a crazy quilt.  Choose a color or a pattern you love and then build on it.  Add different textures, shapes, fabric and tie it all together.  Use some older items from your home that maybe have been setting in your garage or basement and see if there is some way to renew them. How about giving that old piece a fresh coat of paint. Have that old chair reupholstered in a new fabric. Move furniture from one room to another.  If you haven’t done that you will be amazed at how different a dresser may look in your entry or as a console table.  Most of all don’t be afraid to try.

026 Just like bringing all these pieces together to form a quilt, you can bring together different pieces to your home to make it your masterpiece.