Sing Loudly!


“Let your heart sing” wherever you are.  Not only at this moment but, throughout your life.  Life is short, to really live, I feel your heart must be singing.  And as my dad would say, “If you can’t sing well, sing loud!” He has been gone from this world for over a decade, but I can still hear him as I go about my days.  So, I’m singing loud these days.


While there are lots of things to do this morning to prepare for a fun filled show weekend, my message this morning was to share with you.  Share that I was scared to start this business, scared to not start, and yet always believing with all my heart that God’s message was pretty simple, “Do the furniture.”


I wondered if I could possibly help others, was I good enough, would others appreciate what I did, and would I feel good about it.  I don’t ask those questions often anymore.  I just am doing what my heart tells me to do.  If my heart isn’t singing, then maybe I need to change what I’m doing.

This business has blessed me in so many ways.  The most joy has come from meeting the most awesome people!  Then secondly it’s taking that piece and refreshing and restoring it to a new life.  Now that really excites me!


So let me leave you with this thought.  I am singing loudly, and I hope you are too!

The Journey

IMG_4104 It’s a wonderful wild week around here!  One of my dreams was to have a show someday…………..that day is being realized this Friday and Saturday!!  I still can’t believe we are doing it!   We are invading a little spot in the Kansas Flint Hills, ” Hello Saffordville!”


But the “Heart is Singing” as the focus is on pulling it all together.  My friend who is working with me has taught me so much.  When I get frazzled, and I do!  She reminds me, ” It’ll be alright”.  Always the voice of calm, God brought her into my wonderful crazy world!  Another thing to be grateful for today. IMG_4182

Earlier this week while thanking some people for joining this journey, the mind and the body quite for just a moment to look back.  This little business started with hopes and dreams, lots of love and encouragement along the way.  Thank you to all who have provided so much, so I was able to listen to the message and just do it.  For those of you who may not have heard the message, I’ve included it below.

The Beginning


As a child I would spend hours rearranging my mom’s home and  decorating it with whatever was available. Looking back it is so easy to see that my surroundings have always affected my feelings and mood.  I like to make things pretty! I like to give new life to old items! Truth is, I’m thrilled to find a great piece at a great price.

I’ve had several careers in my life, but they have all revolved around some type of creativity. I was a cosmetologist in central Kansas for 28 years and loved every minute of it.  There was for me, satisfaction of a job well done and more importantly helping others to feel good about themselves.  All the while I was doing this, I painted, papered, and decorated not only our home but those of friends and family.

About 12 years ago my husband and I moved to southwestern Kansas in the heart of the high plains.  I continued to decorated and remodel our home and helped others along the way.  About a year ago, there was a change taking place in my life, I was working part time and continued to ask,”What am I suppose to do with my life, God?”  While driving down the street one day, the answer was very loud and clear, “Do the furniture!” And as usual, my response was something like,”How do I market anything living in sw Kansas?” The answer I recieved was very loud and clear, “You need a product before you need a marketing plan!”  So, I began that day to purchasing and refresh furniture and home decor. After so many years of wondering, it was suddenly so clear, I LOVED what I WAS DOING.

All of this was happening in the spring of 2011.  I kept thinking about what a transformation accured on the prairie when it rained.  Parched brown grass would suddenly green up and thousands of beautiful vibrant wild flowers would appear. The prairie was clean, fresh and alive. That is how I viewed what I was doing to furniture and home decor!  I was refreshing it, bringing it back to life, and repurposing it.  And that is how “Prairie Rain Designs”, was born.

Thank you for allowing me to remember, “The Beginning” this week.  Five years later the show is on!  Hope to see you Friday. April 1st or April 2nd for Schoolhouse Market Days!