The Cinderella Door


Our home has seen a ton of renovations since moving in.  I still had this closet door (below)in a guest bedroom. Pretty ugly all the time, before and after midnight. So after a lot of thought, I came up with a way to use them and still have them be way more functional and pretty!


I began by taking them down and we added wood between and on top of the two doors to make them large enough for the closet. After that the fun began for me!  I added embossed wallpaper to the top third of the door.


The wallpaper was dry brushed to give it more depth.


The bottom of the door was painted white and then dry brushed also.  The next step had some people scratching their heads and some wondered if I had lost my mind.  But, I tore apart a hollow door we were no longer using.  The front and back were ripped into 4″ strips.  Then  the strips were sanded and stained (I used the inside part).  They were placed down the middle, on the sides, across top and bottom and then the bottom 2/3rd  was divided also. I used wood glue and small nails to attach the strips to the frame.


The strips were dressed up by adding upholstery tacks in varies places.  Of course it needed a little more function and jewelry by way of handles.


We added barn door hardware and a decorative piece of wood to complete the project.  A great transformation on  these closet doors! The guest room is now complete.